#Storytime: Punched by a hooker

Hi guys.

Back in 2016 when Christian and I went backpacking through Asia, we travelled to this cozy town in Cambodia called Sihanoukville, also known as backpacker place-to-be-in of Cambodia. A world of wonders, everything from crazy bar nights to island jumping. It really was a dream.


One night after our dinner, we thought about going out to the boardwalk and meet up with some people we met at the hostel. It’s crazy how easy it was for me to get drunk during our trip.. I’m pretty lightweight, so I would get drunk of a couple beers. Anyway, we took it pretty easy and played some cards, I totally destroyed Christian btw. 


But yeah, later on when we went down to the boardwalk, and the nightlife was just crazy. People danced like no tomorrow no really, most of them were pretty shitfaced, the music was blasting all the way through the beach and it was just a good time.

So Chris and I were standing at the bar, and this tiny person (the hooker) and her friends came a long. Started to talk and getting real close to Christian, so he turned over to me “Helene! She’s creeping on me”, so we just broke out laughing. I felt kinda bad for laughing so hard right in front of her face, so maybe tell her Chris is not interested? Nope. 

She kept yelling “what are you laughing about? Its just free fun! Free fun!!”, and again I was pretty drunk already. So when she asked me again why I was laughing, I stared right at her and said “you”, she went full batshit crazy and punched with a full fist right in the face.


So Chris looked over to me and saw that I had a pretty bloody nose, so he pushed the hooker away, that little bitch punched Chris too. For fucks sake.. 
Then people in the bar broke us up to each of our corner, that little cunt even tried to look like the victim and cried to her girlfriends. So if it wasn’t for her big ass pimp in the corner and his several guys, which would probably kill us for punching his hooker; I would fuck her up!!

So for #backoackerprotip, do not mock hookers or laugh of them right in front of their face, because they will beat the crap out of you.

What is your worst experience while traveling?

x Helene