Årets Stylista & Olympus PEN Summer Party

We were so happy to be invited to the event for this years Stylista and Olympus PEN summer party. Some pictures are from the press, others taken by me.


//Hair Braid Bar//

//Photoshoot Wall//
//Goodie bag we received//
It was a blast celebrating the competitors for this years Stylista. And I want to congratulate Silje Økland with winning the title, I voted for you, just saying.

There were also a food stand, and they served this amazing beef mango taco *drooling *

IMG_1543 (2)
//Jamaican beef taco with mango from Santa Maria//

We also got the chance to take some professional profil pictures. It looked more like pre-wedding photos or another poster for House of Cards. But I’m very happy for it, I thought it would be neat to have pictures of Christian and me.

“When they remake Law & Order *dum duum*” – Helene 
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“You have something between your teeth” – Christian Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
“My favourite picture”.
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Until next time..

x Helene